Practice Ideas

Remember NO ONE likes to practice. Parents keep this in mind when encouraging and helping your kids get motivated to practice.


1. For younger students: make practicing fun. Ask your teacher for game ideas to use during practice. Consider creating practice incentives. For example, your child might get a treat or a small reward if they practice the required amount of days during the week. (see practice requirements). They might get an even bigger reward if they practice that way for a whole month.


2. For older students: remind them that it takes hard work and time to improve. The violin is not an easy instrument to play. We have seen many many students improve drastically just from consistent practice. Make sure the student is setting goals and using their lesson notebooks to look the assignments during their practice time.


3. For high school age and up: this is the time where students have more responsibility and more of an option to keep playing or quit. Please remind them that it takes hard work to accomplish anything worth while in life. If they want to pursue music, practice is required. No discussion. Help them set goals. Ask your teacher for realistic goals to set. Maybe they can perform a special or fun piece at a recital/concert.


4. For ALL students: It is very advantageous to set a specific time each day to practice, and to keep that appointment. If there is a set time, then it is easy to remember to practice.