Private & Group Lessons


Private lessons are held once a week.  Lesson length options include 30, 45, or 60 minutes (to be determined by your teacher).


Teaching with the Suzuki Method involves both the student and parent in the lesson each week.  The parent then becomes the teacher during practice times at home.  No musical knowledge is required of the parent for this process to be successful.  We teach simple, step-by-step techniques and games for student and parent to easily execute together at home.


Parents of children under 10 years are required to attend the lesson.  We strongly discourage bringing younger siblings into the lesson room.  The lesson requires full attention from both parent and student, accomplished best with no distractions.


Group lessons play an important part in completing a student’s musical education. In the group lesson, students develop listening skills and learn to perform with others by following a musical leader.  Students are motivated by seeing their peers play and having fun with the instruments.    Group time is also used to prepare for upcoming concerts and recitals.


Group lessons are held twice monthly:  one Tuesday afternoon and one Saturday morning each month.  All students are required to attend at least one group lesson per month.  Ideally students will attend both group lessons each month when your schedule allows.


• notebook & pencil
• Suzuki book (for parent notes)
• instrument including:  bow, shoulder rest, rosin, cleaning cloth